AISG prides itself on excellent Dining Services. We establish, supply, and maintain the kitchen and dining area. AISG will operate food service operations 24/7, serving delicious, nutritious, hot meals with hot and cold beverages in the main dining room.  AISG personnel understand sanitation and quality issues in receiving, preparing, cooking, and serving meals. Your personnel will be assured of the best available food supplies and the strongest possible safeguards for sanitation and safety with AISG. Every stage of the process of getting good meals to the staff and support personnel will be monitored and checked by experienced AISG food service management and staff.

The AISG Flow of Food Model is an eight step process:

  1. Purchasing
  2. Transportation/Receiving
  3. Storing
  4. Cooking
  5. Holding
  6. Cooling
  7. Reheating
  8. Serving

Purchasing: Good meals require excellent ingredients. Clean, safe food requires a thorough understanding of food safety at every step of the AISG Flow of Food Model.  We periodically inspect our suppliers’ facilities and trucks to assure they are taking proper sanitation precautions. AISG buyers pre-inspect all food purchases and refuse any shipments that show signs of being at less than US standards.

Storage: AISG follows globally accepted food storage guidelines. Food is date labeled prior to storage. AISG rotates food to ensure that inventory is used within safe time frames. Old food is discarded. AISG trains Dining Facility workers in proper transferring and use of stored foods. Refrigerator and freezer units are continually monitored for proper temperature.

Preparation and Cooking: AISG endeavors to hire cooks who know the art of creating nutritious, delicious meals. Our cooks properly thaw food and monitor temperature during the process of preparing and cooking. Meat is prepared and cooked separately from other food to avoid cross contamination from raw meat. Kitchen cleanliness and sanitation rules are strictly enforced. AISG cooks carefully monitor cooking temperatures with stem and probe thermometers.

Holding and Reheating: In the event that the Dining Facility cooks and serves food immediately, food holding or cooling is not an issue. During those times when food is cooked to order and held for a period of time before being served, AISG monitors holding temperatures and follows strict food holding and cooling guidelines to assure freshness and avoid deterioration or contamination.

Serving: AISG trains each Dining Facility server in proper handling and serving of food, utensil cleanliness, personal hygiene, and proper food display. AISG will present food to the personnel in as appealing forms as possible under these challenging circumstances. When serving meals off site, AISG uses rigid containers and sanitary trucks to assure that the meals reach the personnel on time and in clean, hot, covered trays.