AISG KSA Obtains Land from Emaar for Saudi Logistics Center at Newly Developed King Abdullah Port on the Red Sea


Saudi Gazette: AISG’s CEO: Building a team from within key to sustained growth
JEDDAH – Bringing what might prove to be a game-changing approach to inward investment in Saudi Arabia, Christopher “Kiffer” Andress visited Jeddah last week. AISG Inc. has nine years of experience of construction, logistics and security provision in two of the world’s more interesting environments: Afghanistan and Iraq.


AISG Constructs Afghan National Police Headquarters in Paktika, Afghanistan
March 30, 2014: Against all odds, AISG successfully builds Afghan National Police Headquarters, with all Afghan labor, in highly dangerous and remote Paktika Province just across frontier from Pakistan’s Waziristan region, the principal terrorist safe haven in the Afghanistan War.


AISG Constructs Combat Zone Health Clinic in Helmand, Afghanistan
On September 15, 2012, facing down insurgent attacks and a diminishing US military presence, AISG Construction completed a permanent health clinic with twelve treatment rooms serving 4,000 local citizens of Khan Neshin District, dead center in the “homeland” of the Taliban.


CNN: Contractors in Iraq say they are mired in red tape.
To see the CNN interview with Carter Andress, Chairman and President of AISG, regarding the challenges of operating in Iraq follow the link below.>


Iraq in Profile – Oil & Gas Middle East
To read the interview with Carter Andress, Chairman and President of AISG, regarding the challenges and opportunities within Iraq’s oil industry follow the link below.
Middle East Oil and Gas AISG

AISG Wins USG O&M Basra Contract
BASRA, Iraq, June 10 /PRNewswire/ — AISG, Inc. wins competition for complex operation and maintenance (O&M) cross-departmental contract for the US Departments of State and Defense in south Iraq.


Reuters Special Report: Between Iraq and a rich place
(Reuters) – The first hint that Christopher “Kiffer” Andress is not just your average CEO is the 9mm automatic pistol at his right hip.


Afghan First Policy Delays Military Building
But some American firms said the changes mean they’re now being treated unfairly. Paul “Tracy” Wright, the Afghanistan director of U.S.-owned AISG Construction, said his firm can lose all the cost savings of subcontracting if they have to monitor every action taken by companies they hire.


Washington Post article by David Tafuri
Or consider a successful American security and logistics firm I visited in Baghdad. This is not one of the security firms in the news, but one that is thriving, even as the need for them decreases.



AISG assists US Army
COP CASHE SOUTH, Iraq – Soldiers, civilian contractors and third country nationals working for American-Iraqi Solutions Group gathered on COP Cashe South in the vicinity of Baghdad on Sunday to dedicate a new fitness facility to the memory of a fallen comrade.


National Review: Nothing dissuades recruiting like catastrophic failure
Baghdad, Iraq – The war in Iraq is not yet finished for U.S. combat forces but you can almost see the end, just over the horizon, from my office perched in the Red Zone of downtown Baghdad


National Review: Halabja@20
CEO of American-Iraqi Solutions Group discusses the present-day ramifications in Iraq of the 20th anniversary of Saddam’s genocidal attack against the Kurds …


YouTube – AISG CEO
Carter Andress in Baghdad. From: aisgiraq Views: 106 … Carter Andress in Baghdad 02:37. Added: 3 weeks ago Views: 106. See All 1 Videos …


Carter Andress: Tipping Point on National Review Online
CEO and principal owner of American-Iraqi Solutions Group is author of Contractor Combatants: Tales of an Imbedded Capitalist …


Carter Andress on 9/11: Six Years Later on National Review Online
Carter Andress, CEO and principal owner of American-Iraqi Solutions Group, is author of Contractor Combatants: Tales of an Imbedded Capitalist …


Interview on Contractor Combatant on National Review Online
Carter Andress: My definition of a contractor combatant (and I can only give my definition as it is a new phenomenon to war) is a civilian who works in a …


Pentagon Offers Huge Bonuses to Hold Onto Top Warriors –
CEO of American-Iraqi Solutions Group discounts the impact of soldiers for hire as nothing more than distortions and …


NewsMax – America’s News Page
Lawmakers and experts tell NewsMax there have probably been many more than 1001 … Carter Andress, co-founder and CEO of American-Iraqi Solutions Group, …


Paul Harris Online: Carter Andress, Contractor Combatant
Today on my KMOX show, I talked to one of those contractors, Carter Andress, about his experiences in the Red Zone in Baghdad and why he’s there in the …


Esto no es una guerra civil
POR CARTER ANDRESS. ESTAMOS ganando esta guerra. Escribo estas palabras desde mi mesa en la Zona Roja, situada en el centro de Bagdad, mientras cientos de …