Frank GuffeyVice President of Business Development and Country Manager of Afghanistan





Frank Guffey, Vice President of Business Development and Country Manager of Afghanistan, has been with the Company since August 2011.  Prior to joining AISG, Frank was country manager for Bertling Logistics in Iraq. He has 15 years of international experience working throughout Asia, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East.  He has been working in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003, with extensive travel throughout the Middle East.  He has executed contracts with urgent requirements for mission essential material for KBR and DynCorp throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. While in Iraq, he has worked in Baghdad, Erbil, Mosul, Kirkuk, al Anbar, and Basra.  Frank has extensive expertise in global logistics, providing door-to-door services in high-threat and challenging environments.  He has worked operations and business development for the last 9 years within Iraq and Afghanistan, and has a strong grasp of how to get things done, both within the US Military and State Department requirements, as well as in the Iraq and Afghanistan Local Economy.  Frank has worked closely with the Oil Industry in Iraq, including projects for Exxon, Shell and their EPCs such as Halliburton and Fluor.  He has a strong understanding of Iraq and Afghanistan General Customs Laws and Regulations, and in particular, the South Oil Company (SOC) Customs procedures in Basra, Iraq.  In Afghanistan he has completed construction projects in Afghanistan including a high school and medical clinic in Khan Nashin, a high school in Marjeh, four police sub-stations in Now Zad.  He has extensive experience with Afghan subcontractors and vendors throughout Afghanistan, and has completed logistics and constructions projects in most every region of Afghanistan.  Frank is a former Recon Marine with 4th Recon Battalion with a Undergraduate Studies in Political Science from University of Texas at San Antonio, and Graduate Studies in International Relations at St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas.







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