Tony Montana, Senior Vice President for Security   

Tony Montana, Senior Vice President of Security, has been with the Company since November 2004. He is a highly experienced combat veteran who has led & trained thousands of Iraqi, American, and other security personnel operating throughout the Iraq war zone. Tony is a master practitioner of counter-terrorism tactics, who was security manager for the US embassy in Beirut for more than four years during the Lebanese civil war (1983-88). He has served as a combat engineer (sapper) with the US Army 10th Mountain Division. Tony was security manager and bodyguard for a former Prime Minister of Lebanon. He served as a US military intelligence-certified voice interceptor and Arabic linguist for all dialects—including Iraqi, Syrian, & Egyptian—and has held a top-secret security clearance. Tony earned a BA from Oriental College of Beirut, Lebanon.  He is also fluent in French.



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