Tapestry Global Distribution Management System (GDMS)

There are two possibilities for acquiring a license (I can clarify this before you contact anyone below):

1.         If the customer is involved in any aspect of the reconstruction effort (PCO/GRD/ACE/Ministries), then we can offer the use of Tapestry software under an existing, current contract.  We still have to get written approval from the Director of PCO Logistics, SES Jack Holly.  He makes the final call on whether or not we can even offer a license at all.  If you are approved, the license will cost $12,500 for one year (including in-country support and training).

2.         The other possibility is a separate contract for our software (and support).  To go this route, please contact David Caraway (david@tapestrysolutions.com).

Software Development:
We make constant improvements to our applications through a process known as Spiral Development.  Part of our job is to relay information from the field to our development team back in San Diego, California, and every three or four months, a new version is released.  No other company has a system like this, let alone a dedicated group of guys in the field.

We also provide 24-hour server management (monitored from San Diego, California); along with in-country support and maintenance (this is part of the $12,500 fee – or included on a separate contract).  And because our software is always changing, we provide training as needed (included in the license).

Please see our document: GDMS Operational Requirements.  Tapestry software requires standard computers and normal internet, but the hardware specs are higher than usual.