Tapestry Global Distribution Management System (GDMS)
Based in San Diego, CA, and Yorktown, VA, Tapestry Solutions provides specialized software applications for the US Military, US Government, Foreign Allied Nations, and Private Companies.

GDMS (often referred to as “Tapestry”) is a strategic platform in the areas of Planning, Intel, Live Operations, and After-Action Analysis.  This is the only software platform that integrates all of the current Satellite Tracking Systems in Iraq: for total visibility, you need Tapestry.
Software Features:
  • True Common Operating Picture (COP).  A True COP means every vehicle with a transponder is visible – not just the hardware system you use.  You can watch shipping vessels and super tankers out in the oceans, security convoys on the ground, and even track personnel in high risk environments.
  • Acts as a Hub of Operations.  Tapestry can be used for Live Operations, Intel Analysis, Planning, and After-Action Review, all at the same time.
  • Satellite and Digital Overlays.  The days of Talc or Acetate are over.  You can draw on top of a live map and share this information with other teams.
  • Historical Records.  All movement is kept in an archive for Replay, Recall, or After-Action Review.
  • Compatibility with dozens of Satellite Tracking Systems.  You can track trains, planes, automobiles, helicopters – even personnel.
  • Incident Plotting and Analysis.  Plot IEDs, SAF, Demonstrations, etc.  Use this information visually to plan alternate avenues of action.  Our software also provides trend analysis.
  • Immediate Information Access.  Quickly and easily find anything on the map (from MILGRID/LATLONG/GPS Locations, to routes, to camps, to transponders).
  • Proximity Alerts/Geofencing.  You can automatically keep track of vehicle movement via pop-up alerts or email.
New features are constantly being developed, based on field experience and feedback from customers.  If you have a great idea, we can implement it.
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