Life Support & Construction Project for Tadji Camp    
Contract# W914NS-05-M-1426, M-1578, C-9068, C-9075, C-0005, C-0008, C-0014
For Joint Contracting Command - Iraq
Life Support to 10,000 Iraqi Forces personnel
June 2005 – April 2006

Contract Value:   $19.95 M
AISG mobilized to this project and provided life support services immediately while reparing the huge Tent DFAC. We are currently providing Food to 5000 Iraqi soldiers in three DFACs, operating and maintaining 39 generators and more than 1500 AC’s, cleaning of more than 85 buildings of latrines and showers and 185 Port-A-Johns, providing solid waste collection and disposal services and fire protection services for the whole Iraqi Security Forces side of the Tadji Military Base.

AISG was picked to prepare a special luncheon dinner for Vice President Dick Cheney’s recent visit to Taji, proof of our excellent food services.