FOB Al Walid Life Support Expansion Project (FOB Akashat) Iraqi-Syrian Border (Forts 1-9)
Contract# W914NS-05-D-9016
For Joint Contracting Command - Iraq
Life Support Services to 375 Border Patrol Police
August 2005 – August 2006
Contract Value:   $5.69 M+

Tentage Facilities
AISG services includes:
Anti-Terrorism & Force protection, Food Service Operations, Base Camp Maintenance, Water Systems, Electrical, Waste Management, Vehicle Maintenance, & Latrines/Shower Facilities.

Site Photo

JCC-I extended the Life Support Services of AISG to include the Operations and Maintenance for Border Forts at nearby Akashat Area (Forts 1-9), AISG continue to support the mission of Border Transition Team (BTT) to re-build and improve the Iraq-Syrian Border Forts.