Life Support & Construction Project for Solidarity Camp, Baghdad
Contract# W914NS-05-D-9021
For Joint Contracting Command - Iraq
Life Support to 600 Iraqi Forces personnel
July 2005 – March 2006
Contract Value:   $4.44 M

Armory / Ammunitions Depot

AISG services includes:
Anti-Terrorism & Force protection, Food Service Operations, Base Camp Maintenance, Water Systems, Electrical, Waste Management, Armory, Ammunitions Depot, Stock Control & Warehousing, Office & Cleaning Supply Support, Clothing Issue Facility, Laundry Services, Latrines & Shower Facilities, & Vector Control.

Dining Facility

AISG improved the Food Service Operations from “To-Go-Type Meal” service, set-up and equipped the existing hard structure to become the Dining Facility for the Iraqi Soldiers