Life Support & Construction Project for Area 4, Baghdad International Airport
Contract# W914NS-05-M-9606 & M-1018
For PCO Contracts Activity
Life Support to 600 Iraqi & US Special Forces personnel
January 2005 – June 2005

Contract Value:   $2.28 M
AISG successfully provided the following for both US & Iraqi Special Forces:

  • Mobilization
    • AISG mobilized and started providing services in less than 10 days
  • Anti-Terrorism & Force Protection
    • AISG set-up and improved security mechanisms and provided appropriate locks for the Accommodation Units with proper coordination with the COR
    • AISG provide Convoy Security for transportation of personnel, materials, equipment, food, etc. to the camp
  • Base Camp Maintenance
    • AISG successfully maintained and improved the Area 4 facilities, DFAC, tentage for workers camp, latrines & shower facilities, New Recruit’s Building, etc.
    • AISG employed TCN skilled maintenance personnel for the camp O&M

Food Service Operations
  • Food Service Operations
    • AISG prides itself with the provision of quality food services at the Area 4
    • AISG followed Standard Food Preparations, cooking, and serving to ensure proper sanitation are met
    • AISG supplied specialized kitchen and dining equipments that later became CFGOP
  • Latrines & Shower Units
    • AISG improved latrine & shower facilities by installing appropriate latrine/shower doors & curtains, shower heads, fixed the leak pipes and valves, installing mirrors, liquid soap dispensers, and supplied toilet paper.
  • Water Systems
    • AISG supplied additional PVC water tanks, water heaters, and pumps to sustain the water storage requirements in a daily use. Such equipment became CFGOP
  • Waste Management
    • AISG improved the waste management system and trained Iraqi soldiers for proper disposal of trash and garbage in their areas of responsibility
  • Electrical
    • AISG successfully maintained the O&M of approx. (14) Generators inside Area 4