Life Support & Construction Project for FOB Al Walid Iraqi-Syrian Border Forts (10-18)                       
Contract# W914NS-05-M-9585 & D-9016
For Joint Contracting Command - Iraq
Life Support Services to 600 Border Patrol Police
January 2005 – August 2006

Contract Value:   $12.75 M+
AISG efficiently provided the following services under hostile and harsh desert conditions on the Iraqi-Syrian Border:

  • Mobilization
    • AISG mobilized and initiated the provision of services in less than 10 days
  • Anti-Terrorism & Force Protection
    • AISG improved the security perimeter of the camp by installing Hesco barriers, concertina wires, tower improvements, sandbagging, etc. with proper coordination for the COR and Base Commander
    • AISG deployed more than 30 security personnel on site for the AT/FP
    • AISG lost over 15 personnel and 5 supply containers during two separate insurgent ambushes along the highly dangerous Western Road. AISG is now successfully supplying the camp from Syria and on certain occasions from Baghdad.
  • Base Camp Maintenance
    • AISG successfully operates and maintains the operations and maintenance of the camp facilities and equipment
    • AISG deployed Skilled TCN’s for  maintenance: carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and other works necessary to improve the camp facilities and equipment

Kitchen & Food Serving Container
  • Food Service Operations
    • AISG installed and built a mobile field kitchen trailers and DFAC tents to sustain the food service operations of the camp while the permanent kitchen was built.
    • Kitchen equipment and materials supplied are CFGOP, such as freezer containers, bakery equipment, reefer, cold storage, and containers
  • Billeting & Tentage
    • AISG set-up the whole camp and provided necessary billeting and tents for the Iraqi soldiers, including tent amenities, and sandbagging for anchoring and protection purposes
  • Stock Control & Warehousing
    • AISG have updated inventory of stocks, consumable items, & other repair works (spare parts)
  • Water Systems
    • AISG set-up, construct, and maintain water system of the camp, such as water tanks, water heaters, pumps, and accessories
    • AISG provided rented water trucks to supply and deliver the daily water requirements of the site, and ensure water quality are met according to Iraqi water standards
  • Waste Management
    • AISG improved the waste management system of the camp, supplied several dumpsters and trash collection point, provided daily garbage pick up, collection, & disposal
  • Bulk Fuel & Gas Station
    • AISG supplied, install, & set-up fuel station for Benzene & Diesel
  • Hazardous Materials
    • AISG properly stored, collected, and disposed Hazardous Materials (specifically oils, lubricant, & fuel waste) in accordance with the Iraqi Environmental Standards
  • Electrical
    • AISG supplied, installed, & set-up power generators of the camp, this includes the back-up generators to sustain the 24/7 power for the camp

Vehicle Maintenance
  • Vehicle Maintenance
    • AISG maintain GFE vehicles (includes: heavy equipment, SUV, & pick-up), provides organizational and intermediate repairs, including replacement of windshield, batteries, etc. for over 50 government vehicles used by Dessert Wolves
  • Latrines & Shower
    • AISG provided pre-fabricated latrines and shower facilities for the camp population, maintenance of leak valves & pipe are strictly monitored
  • Laundry Services
    • AISG set-up, installed, and equipped the Laundry facilities with the appropriate washers and dryers
  • Armory
    • AISG provided weapons rack and weapons cleaning kits for the Armory, facility improvements were made under the direct supervision of COR
  • Clothing Issue Facility
    • AISG provided pre-fabricated containers which serve as a CIF facility
    • AISG successfully handled receipt and issuance of soldiers uniforms
  • Fire Protection
    • AISG maintained and equipped each facility with fire extinguishers