Life Support & Construction Project for Mosul Public
Safety Academy, Mosul
Contract# W914NS-05-M-9543 & D-9009
For Joint Contracting Command - Iraq
Life Support Services to 600-1000 Police Commandos
January 2005 – December 2006

Contract Value:   $8.96 M
AISG effectively provided the following services on the North Eastern side of highly dangerous Mosul:

  • Mobilization
    • AISG mobilized and initiated the provision of services in less than 10 days
  • Anti-Terrorism & Force Protection
    • AISG coordinated closely with the COR for the improvements of security systems and operations at the MPSA
    • AISG Security successfully defended and secured the MPSA camp during an  insurgent attack last May 2005
    • AISG deployed trained and qualified security personnel to manage the ECP and MPSA facilities 24/7, security personnel equipped appropriately with weapons, ammunitions, radio communications, armored vests, vehicles, etc.
    • AISG assisted JCC-I with the perimeter security of MPSA
  • Academy Camp Maintenance
    • AISG supplied appropriate maintenance tools and equipment
    • AISG successfully maintained, improved, and will continue to implement improvements and/or support the COR in regards to the betterment of MPSA facilities

Food Counter Section
  • Food Service Operations
    • AISG improved the food service operations from previous “To-Go-Type” meal to the installation of a sanitary and healthy dinning facility thus reducing food waste within the billeting and stopping the proliferation of flies, cockroaches and rodents within the grounds and billets
    • AISG equipped the DFAC with the necessary equipment like hot/cold serving counters, water dispenser, reefer, plastic trays, etc
  • Billeting & Tentage
    • AISG improved and set-up the existing hard structure facilities and government supplied trailers to serve as operational offices or other functional space under close coordination and direction of the COR
  • Inventory & Repair
    • AISG implemented accurate inventory of GFP, GFE, CFGOP, and Contractors Property, spare parts, & other repair works
  • Water Systems
    • AISG provided solutions for the shortage of city water supply, rented trucks to deliver the daily water requirements of the Academy
  • Electrical
    • AISG successfully supplied and installed 2- 500KVA & 650KVA power generator to provide power if city power was unavailable
    • AISG properly maintained power generators to ensure 24/7 availability
  • Waste Management
    • AISG improved the waste management system at MPSA, supplied several dumpsters and trash collection point, provide daily garbage pick up, collection, & disposal

Laundry Facility
  • Laundry Services
    • AISG set-up and equipped the existing building as a laundry facility with proper coordination from the COR
    • AISG supplied Washers & Dryers become CFGOP
  • Housekeeping
    • AISG maintained the Academy grounds and billeting facilities to assure maintain sanitary and health conditions free from vectors, insects, and rodents.
  • Latrine & Shower
    • AISG successfully maintained proper sanitation of the latrines and shower facilities by applying disinfectant, daily cleaning and disposal of accumulated trash.
    • AISG properly repaired and/or replaced faulty valves, water heaters, tanks, etc.
  • Medical Support
    • AISG hired a specialized Doctor and Medical Staff to provide medical services. AISG equipped the medical clinic with appropriate medical equipment and medicines necessary for the clinic operations and emergency first aid treatment
  • Classroom Store
    • AISG supplied necessary materials to support the training and business operations at MPSA. Materials such as pads, notebook, pens, pencil, & binders were provided
AISG, strictly adheres to the requirements established in the contractual SOW, any equipment and materials supplied by AISG and paid by the government will become Contractor’s Furnished Government Owned Property (CFGOP)