Design, Build & Operate East Camp, Fallujah including Life Support for 4000 Iraqi Security Forces personnel
Contract# USMI-05CONTIGFOB-02 & 03
For PCO & Iraqi Ministries of Defense & Interior
Nov 2004-Mar 2005
Contract Value:   $22 M
AISG successfully provided the following services at East Camp, Fallujah:

  • Mobilization
    • AISG mobilized and started constructing the camp in less than 15 days
  • Anti-Terrorism & Force Protection
    • AISG coordinated with  the COR and Iraqi Base Commander for the improvement of security within the base camp
    • AISG deployed more than 40 security personnel to operate the AT/FP
  • Base Camp Maintenance
    • AISG successfully managed the Operations & Maintenance of the base camp, serviced over 50 government service vehicles, and properly maintained the Facilities in good working and sanitary condition
  • Food Service Operations
    • AISG improved the storage areas and other DFAC facilities
    • AISG supplied kitchen and Dining equipments to serve 3 meals per day for over 4000 Iraqi soldiers
    • AISG supplied freezers, reefers, cold storages for the government as part of the camp construction and improvements
    • All equipment supplied by AISG become CFGOP

Tent Facilities for 4000-man camp
  • Tentage
    • AISG successfully installed the tents for billeting & DFAC facilities including tent amenities, such as lighting, air conditioning and heat, fire extinguishers, sandbagging to anchor the tents & trash bin for over 4000 Iraqi soldiers
  • Latrines & Shower Units
    • AISG supplied and constructed latrine & shower trailers including the installation and utility hook-ups (power, water, sewage line)
  • Water Systems
    • AISG supplied and installed water tanks, water heaters, pumps, & other accessories to sustain the camp populations
    • Water trucks were provided to support the daily water consumption of the camp (kitchen, shower, laundry, cleaning, etc.)
  • Waste Management
    • AISG supplied and set dumpsters in accessible locations for the garbage trucks during daily collection and disposal – Waste Management Program was successfully implemented
    • Septic trucks serviced the Port-a-John and provided sewage collection on a daily basis
  • Electrical
    • AISG successfully installed and maintained (3) 1-Megawatt Generators, which were the primary power source of the camp