Construct Camp at Old Muthana Airfield, Baghdad
750 Iraqi Army Personnel
Contract No W91GY0-07-C-0006
Currently for Joint Contracting Command – Iraq
January-February 2007
Contract Value:  $5.5 M

AISG is successfully providing the following services within the urgent contractual time frame:
  • Mobilization
    • AISG mobilized sixty-man work crew with all necessary tools, power, equipment, and life support onsite within five days from notice to proceed.
  • Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection (AT/FP):
    • Escort security for convoys moving supplies and equipment in support of the contract without assistance from the US/Coalition forces.  Comprehensive convoy protection via real time satellite and cellular tracking systems and armed security escort.
  • Facilities and Housing Construction:
    • Procure and install and emplace all facilities to establish the required facilities and providing a turn-key operation for both camps.
    • Living Quarters: Fully furnished containers that are capable of housing 10 soldiers and equipped with two doors at each end and windows and 12 electrical outlets with the proper amount of florescent lighting and Air Conditioning and Heating Units.

Construction of Battilion HQ
  • Office and Administrative Areas Construction:
    • Fully furnished office containers that are capable of command and control classroom operations.
    • Team office admin containers with seating for 10 soldiers.
    • BN HQ, open bay, 12x36 meters with separate offices around bay.
    • Motor pool sunshade with 3 40-foot containers fitted for office operations.
    • Arms room container with heavy duty steel doors, high security hasp and furnished with HVAC, electrical outlets, metal floor, and shelving for AK-47 storage.
    • Outdoor classrooms with sunshade and bleachers for seating up to 50.
    • DFAC Seating Area – Seating area must be able to seat a minimum of 300 at one setting with 3 serving cycles per meal.
  • Power Generation:
    • Provide and set up three generators of 500 KVA each can power the camp two primary units and one backup generator of another.  Generators synchronized to provide the needed power output.
  • Life Support Equipment:
    • Fuel Tanks for Generator Support with 10,000 Liter Capacity
    • 8 ea Ablution Shower & Sink Unit (Ratio of 1:20) required connections and water tanks, grey water tanks, to include electrical.
    • 8 ea Ablution Toilet Unit (Ratio of 1:20) and all required connections (water and sewage, as well as electrical.)