Security Services
AISG, Inc. has been a leading security, logistics and construction company in Iraq since March 2004. AISG provides our clients with a complete range of security services including convoy, VIP, and site protection, along with up-to-date training, quick reaction force, threat analysis, and movement tracking. We are a fully integrated American-Iraqi team with a dedicated and loyal workforce that is over 90% Iraqi citizens.



AISG Security Services include:
Convoy Security
Personal Security Detail (PSD)
Facility Security (Static Guards)
Anti-Terrorism & Force Protection
Operations Center / Communications
GPS Tracking Devices & Iraq-Wide Movement Tracking
Quick Reaction Force (QRF)
Full Spectrum Security Training
Vehicle & Personal Inspection
Building Force Protection Improvements
Security Hardening

AISG works closely with local leaders in Baghdad, Al Anbar, and elsewhere in Iraq in order to ensure timely intelligence and secure operations.

The company operates throughout Iraq, AISG is the only full-service security firm in Iraq that is also a U.S. Department of Defense prime contractor for life support and construction services. Other clients include the Iraqi Ministries of Defense and Interior, NATO, JCC-I, USAID, Fluor-AMEC, SATCO, DAMAC, ITSI and Parsons.

The AISG Security Division is fully licensed by the Iraqi Government as an armed private security company able to operate nationwide in Iraq. AISG establishes a comprehensive security environment for our employees, subcontractors and clients who are engaged in remote and urban site development for Iraq reconstruction efforts.  Services provided under these life support and construction projects include the following:

  • Thousands of man hours in perimeter security at camps located in high-threat insurgency zones
  • Provision  of  hundreds  of  convoy  escorts  to  deliver  food, materials, equipment  and  workers  to  supply more than 30,000 Iraqi soldiers and police
  • Provision of armored vehicles and armed close protection/PSD services to managers, engineers and other skilled personnel in Iraq
AISG won and executed a large-scale commercial security contract in Iraq to protect a major cell phone company.  This contract included security for the cell phone company’s executives, offices, villas, stores, currency movements, and  vital  communication  infrastructure  throughout  Iraq.  For the mobile phone contract, the AISG management team of American, Lebanese, Jordanian, Ukrainian, and Iraqi Special Ops-experienced personnel stood up from scratch—then trained, employed and managed—over 1,500 Iraqi security personnel. Our daily operations called for 150 nationwide movements of expatriate and local national personnel, and high-value cargo convoys.


To get an idea of the scope of our services, view a list of our current and past security contracts here >>

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Our emphasis is on quality and meeting deadlines while keeping our fees at a very competitive rate.

The state-of-the-art AISG operations center located at our headquarters in Harithia, Baghdad enables us to produce detailed topographical maps and track real-time personnel and vehicle movements nationwide in Iraq in coordination with the Multi-National Forces Regional Operations Centers.
AISG is one of the leading security service providers in Iraq delivering a professional service to all our clients. AISG is committed to the reconstruction effort in Iraq. We live up to that commitment by providing job opportunities to thousands of Iraqis to support the effort, rebuild Iraq, and safeguard the client.