Since our founding in Baghdad during March 2004 AISG, Inc. has successfully executed on over $250M in revenue.  With approximately 90% of our personnel, goods, and services sourced locally we are uniquely positioned to enable business within the new Iraq.




Business Services


We see our role as an enabler for the investor to make an informed business decision through the collection of historical data gathered via site visits and interviews with key personnel within the target organization. Our services are designed to provide verification that the target company meets with your investment criteria.




Our approach is to bring to bear Western-type standards and methodology through the medium of our local national personnel who have been active within the Iraqi business sector, including the State Owned Enterprises.




Our security operation in Iraq covers a range of activities and functions; we supply close personal protection, movement by vehicle with private security detail, convoy protection, as well as protection of static assets.  We provide our clients with services that meet their individual requirements.


We are to date the only Ministry of Interior licensed company offering such a comprehensive level of service in Iraq.


Local Knowledge


It is our institutional knowledge and familiarity that enables us to quickly and accurately facilitate data collection and evaluation.  Through our “on the ground” operations we have gained an in-depth working knowledge of local business norms and culture.


  • Provide visibility into Iraqi companies
  • Fully integrated with your team
  • Deliver the right combination of services
  • Extensive business experience
  • Culturally cognizant   


Due Diligence


The performance of due diligence presents its own challenges within Iraq; historical record keeping has been haphazard.  It is our ability to research beyond the available information that can assist an investor in this emerging market.  We achieve this through our intimate understanding of the nuances of the Iraqi commercial environment.


  • Target-Company Capabilities
  • Interview Key Personnel
  • Financial Analysis
  • Market Standing
  • Business Systems




We directly employ vetted Iraqi and Western engineers; this provides the client with two tiers of assessment service. First our Iraqi engineers very often know the facility they are requested to visit and inspect.  They can easily communicate with key personnel and operators within the company to gain insight and access to information valuable to an investor.  Secondly, our Western managers provide oversight and experience to enable the right question and answer interviews together with the appropriate level of analysis.


  • Facility Inspection and Assessment
  • Production Processes
  • Human Resources
  • Company Infrastructure
  • Supply and Delivery Systems




Support Services – Facilitation


To make best use of the investors’ time in Iraq while conducting due diligence or starting their business operations, AISG can provide all the necessary logistical support that is so necessary to making your mission a success.


  • Secure and Fully Serviced Accommodation
  • Trained and Vetted Personnel
  • VIP Security
  • Door to Door Transport
  • Construction, Design/Build
  • Logistics/Procurement



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