Oil and Gas

Oil Field Support

These are just some of the services we offer:

Security, Design and Build, Construction, Life Support, Manpower, IT, Equipment, Logistics, and Stores.


AISG Background

AISG is the only U.S. Department of Defense, construction, life support, and logistics prime contractor, that also provides Iraqi Ministry of Interior licensed comprehensive security services.

Over 75 contracts completed in Iraq without default.


Our unique business model, developed in response to client needs has enabled us to better serve our wide range clients, thus ensuring they have access to all the necessary facilities to conduct business in Iraq.

We do not supply services in isolation, nor do we “team” to provide those services, we provide a fully integrated professional service.


We arrange everything required to operate in remote areas, our camps are well planned and provided for, all with the necessary back up systems and fail safes.

Security is a central platform of the package we offer, so the client does not have competing entities working on site, this ensures smoother operations, and faster response times to client needs.

Life Support


Our dedicated local, and international suppliers ensure that we receive quality produce, and our catering staff are knowledged in preparing food to suit all preferences.



The provision of fuel, power, and water in Iraq, is perhaps more difficult than anywhere else, we ensure adequate supplies.

In addition to the rapid construction of mobile camps, we can provide any level of permanent construction desired, and to any specification.



Our experience in protecting the lives and property of our clients is exemplary. Real time operational control and feed back to our command HQ.

We continually assess all our operations with daily briefings and debriefings, this  ensures all our staff are fully aware of their daily working environment.

Full Service Operation
Delivery Systems
 We provide and ensure the supply and delivery of:

•   Manpower     •   Equipment     •   Materials     •   And Tools to Site.

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