Life Support Services

AISG, Inc. is one of the leading providers of life support in Iraq. We have set the standard for quality services and rapid mobilization in the high-threat environment of Iraq. Our successful execution in supplying, maintaining and operating the base securing Fallujah from the insurgents earned AISG the accolade of “rising star” from the U.S. Projects and Contracting Office in Baghdad.  Since March 2004, we have effectively supported over 30,000 personnel on bases throughout Iraq.


 AISG Life Support Services include:

Door-to-Door Transportation & Logistics Services
Food Service & DFAC Operations
Base Camp Maintenance
Water Systems & Electrical Systems
Inventory & Stock Control & Warehousing
Fuel Storage & Fuel Services & Vehicle Maintenance
Latrines & Shower Maintenance & Waste Management
Laundry & Sewing & Clothing Facility & Barber Shop
Armory & Ammunition Depot & Fire Protection Services
Morale, Welfare and Recreation Facilities
Medical Clinics & Health Services Supplies
Office & Cleaning Supply Support
Hazardous Materials & Vector Control
Modular Containerized Structures
Security Barriers & Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection
Procurement Services

Every single life support contract that AISG has undertaken in Iraq has been extended at least once by the client.
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